Discussion Paper DIS-24-02, Proposal to amend REGDOC-2.13.2, Import and Export

REGDOC-2.13.2, Import and Export (REGDOC-2.13.2) provides guidance to applicants and licensees who import or export nuclear substances, equipment and information that are listed in the Nuclear Non-proliferation Import and Export Control Regulations (NNIECR).


The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) regulates nuclear imports and exports to assure they are used solely for peaceful purposes and do not contribute to development or maintenance of any nuclear weapons programme worldwide.


Who does REGDOC-2.13.2 apply to:

Anyone who intends to import or export:

  • nuclear substances, equipment and information listed in the NNIECR 
  • items which have both nuclear and non-nuclear uses, also known as ‘nuclear-related dual-use items’ listed in the NNIECR 
  • risk-significant radioactive sources (International Atomic Energy Agency [IAEA] Category 1 and 2) as set out in IAEA RS-G-1.9, Categorization of Radioactive Sources

As well as any exporter who intends to export items that are not otherwise listed in the NNIECR but may be suspected to have a connection with a nuclear weapons program.

What is the purpose of this discussion paper:

This discussion paper describes the changes the CNSC is planning to make to REGDOC-2.13.2:

  • ensure it aligns with the proposed amendments being made to the NNIECR
  • add guidance on topics such as reporting requirements and technical notes for specific nuclear substances, equipment and information
  • address areas of improvement identified since REGDOC-2.13.2 was published 2018

This consultation is an opportunity for interested parties to provide feedback on the proposed changes and to make additional suggestions on modifications to REGDOC‑2.13.2.

Once the public consultation period closes, interested parties will have a further opportunity to review all the comments we’ve received and provide more input during a feedback period. 


The CNSC will review all the comments received and consider this early feedback when updating REGDOC-2.13.2.


Key Dates

  • Consultation period: April 2, 2024 to June 13, 2024
  • Feedback on comments period: June 14, 2024 to June 28, 2024