Comments Received on DIS-24-04

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Ipsos CustodesMain body

Ipsos Custodes is a business in Ontario dedicated to improving Canada by mocking His Majesty’s incompetent bureaucrats.

Ipsos Custodes maintains that the amendments are ultra vires the Constitution Act(s) as discussed at the initial comment phase and will not mention this further.

The only comment at this time would be to point out to anyone with two brain cells to rub together that appeals of the decisions of the Commission or other federal administrative decision makers can be appealed to the Federal Court under the Federal Courts Act and that option should be detailed instead of stating something “will be considered the final decision.”

Ipsos CustodesAnticipated impactsThe private-sector rejects at the CNSC failed to, insofar, consider a scheme for items seized as part of peace-officer’s duties and how those items are returned to their owners. As currently stated the provincial courts of equity would have to consider and disposition how these items are handled under common law if the matter came into dispute.